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  • Image of The tattoo vouchers
  • Image of The tattoo vouchers
  • Image of The tattoo vouchers

The tattoo vouchers

Sold Out

here are some mother flippin tattoo vouchers, so you can still get your friend, lover, wife, husband, child, enemy a voucher towards their future tattoo

...or you can just get it for yourself and hold on to it until the time comes to use it,

these are a limited time product, and only available for this gift giving season, and you get to have a super cute voucher card to have and to hold or do whatever you want with

these have no expiration date, they can be used anywhere in the world that i travel to (frequently all over the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and everywhere else in between)

available in 4 prices of £50, £100, £150, £200.... just choose your preferred design and amount you want to be spending on it give you a very rough and vague idea.. an average palm sized tattoo is often around £120 - £150+ ... but there is always loads of flash designs to choose from, ranging from £50 - £1000... and we can always aim to work within a persons budget for a tattoo,

you will receive an actual physical gift card to keep forever, which is pretty freaking neat...