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The digital voucher


Ok, so.. the web store is closed until February as I’m currently on the road and unable to ship anything

Obviously this means that shit can’t be purchased for people doing Christmas shopping or whatever... so... here’s the thing

These right here are digital gift vouchers to the MRHEGGIE.COM store

You select the amount you want it to be, you select the design of the voucher, and I email you the voucher as a file you can either print at home, or just save and send to your friend, loved one, mortal enemy, Person you kind of like, general nemesis.. or just for yourself, because you’re lonely and like giving yourself presents every now and then

They will have a special individual code to use on the web store when they are ready to buy some shit, and there is no expiration date

ON TOP OF THAT!… each order made using the custom made voucher codes will receive an extra special, never before released print as a super special gift

The file will be emailed to the email address linked to the order, unless otherwise specified in the notes at checkout

Also, if it is for a specific person, you can leave their name in the notes and the voucher code will be made with that in mind